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Medical and Laboratory Equipment Repair, Service and Preventative Maintenance

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written by Paul Demery

A growing segment of B2B ecommerce is proving that in many cases renting products can make far more sense than purchasing.

For a company like Mayfield Medical Services Inc., which repairs, calibrates and provides preventive maintenance of products ranging from hospital surgical equipment and microscopes to dental chairs and X-ray equipment, the renting option surfaced about a year ago. Read More…

Since 1988, Mayfield Medical Services has proven itself to be the Midwest premier medical and laboratory equipment repair services company. Servicing Oklahoma, Nebraska, Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Illinois, and Indiana, Mayfield Medical continues to set the Gold Standard for repairs, recommended maintenance, calibrations, and safety inspections of your medical, laboratory, dental, veterinary, and food processing equipment.

Our friendly customer support specialists make it easy to schedule the services you need — when you need them — 24/7/365. And, our knowledgeable technicians get the job done right the first time — every time. Plus, we make all this happen with competitive rates that help your bottom line. Great service at a great value!

Each of your patients deserves the best, and we feel the same way about our clients. From large Medical Centers to Private Practices, our most important client is the one we our servicing right now. Let us show you just how easy it can be to maintain and repair your crucial equipment. Call or email us today to get started. You’ll be glad you did!

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Your one-stop medical equipment repair company.

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We rent, sell, and lease laboratory equipment through our partners at Kwipped.

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